The term Cyber security is used to refer to the security offered through on-line services to protect your online information. With an increasing amount of people getting connected to Internet, the security threats that cause massive harm are increasing also. Cyber security is necessary since it helps in securing data from threats such as data theft or misuse, also safeguards your system from viruses.

Cyber security strategies for malware

For both homes and businesses, a good anti-malware software is essential. Anti-malware programs can both find and remove malware that has been installed on a computer, and prevent malware from installing itself in the first place. Also essential is instructing users to practice common sense when using the internet: never open unexpected email or chat attachments, and be careful when clicking links on the internet if you can’t be certain where they’ll lead.

Strategies for DoS (Denial of Service) attacks

The simplest method for thwarting DoS attacks is having extra bandwidth. If you fear your business might be targeted for DoS attacks, simply having enough server space to handle the increased traffic can render the attacks moot. There are also third-party services who can help your company stay online during a DoS attack

Strategies for Phishing attacks

The simplest way to combat phishing is to make sure employees know both of how common and damaging attacks can be; remind them to keep their guard up when checking emails and to report any email they find suspicious. Additionally, have employees use two-factor authentication for their email accounts. This can prevent scammers from accessing compromised accounts.